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Chris Hockman


Actors and Props

I am a Veteran and master electrician.  I help design and build the trails, design and create costumes, design and build props and manage the actors.  I have been working haunts for 6 years but have had my passion for scaring as long as I can remember.  

Tony Wingert

Set design and Props

I am a commercial driver for Coca-Cola and mechanic.  I help design and build the trail, design and build props and I am an actor on the trail.  I have been with Haunted woods for 3 years.  

Mandi Hockman

Marketing and Advertising

I have worked in the medical field my whole adult life.  I love to network and develop new relationships that can benefit both our business and theirs.  I have a passion for people and trying to make their life better.  

Shannon Wilson

Event management and budget

I am a non-profit executive director.  I handle the advertising, emergency management, business relations and run the back of the house operations.  I have been working haunts for 3 years and have a background in event management.

Cast Members & Build Team

The family that we couldn’t make things happen without

Jordan Arnold

Specialties include; resident piggyman, increasing social media presence and scene design.  2 years with the haunt.

Mary Lamere and Zoe Crayton

Specialties include; resident clowns, comic relief and IT support.  4 years with the haunt.

Skylar Shaw

Specialties include; SFX make-up, props, and scare character creation.  3 years with the haunt.

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